The "Simplex"
    Bore: .375"  Stroke: .500"  Flywheel Dia.: 1.250"

The "Simplex" is true to it's name....simple in design, and easy to build.  This engine incorporates a 3/8" aluminum frame and base for stability and a decorative flywheel, recessed fasteners, and straight line air supply with support bracket for attractive clean lines. It runs well on as little as 3 psi of air.

The single acting cylinder simplifies construction, and with the valving being integrated with the crankshaft, the need for a more complicated eccentric/linkage/valve assembly is avoided. These factors make it an ideal first project for the novice, or an enjoyable weekend or two project for the more experienced machinist.

Overall dimensions are apprx. 1 3/4" W x 1 3/4" H x 2 1/2" L

For a listing of material and fastener requirements click here. Matls./Fasteners

The plan set consists of 5 pages of drawings and 3 pages of construction notes for $7.50 (US postage paid). Please see the general info. page and order page for more detailed information on plan sets.

To view or download a video clip of this engine running, click on the "Video" button below.  (6.72MB, apprx. 46 seconds, .wmv format)


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