Machine Tools & Accessories - Probably the premier site for benchtop machine tools and an extensive line up of accessories. Whether you are just starting out or taking the step to CNC, Sherline's site offers a wealth of both information and inspiration. Their "systems" approach, American craftsmanship and excellent customer service make this a site worth visiting often. - Taig offers a comparable line of American made lathes and mills at "affordable" prices for the Home Shop Machinist - This is the top of the line manufacturer of hang-up and base mounted flexible shaft tools and handpieces. In addition they offer a bench mounted buffer and an extensive line of burrs, mandrels, buffing wheels, abrasive wheels & points, and polishing compounds. - For those looking for a step up in size, capacity, and rigidity,  Blue Ridge offers the Emco Maier line of machine tools as well as other general shop supplies and tooling. 


General Tooling & Supplies - A very good online resource for drills, endmills, measuring and set-up items, as well as about anything else you can think of.  Their printed catalogue, though hefty, is an great resource to have around the shop and a little easier to navigate than the website. Watch for sales which they run often to stretch your tooling and consumable supply dollars. - Not as extensive a line as J & L above but catering to the home shop machinist. Of special interest to those with mini-lathes and mills such as Harbor Freight, Grizzly, etc. since they stock repair and replacement parts for these machines. - A good source for small hand tools, and miscellaneous hobby items, they also carry small brass rod and tubing up to about 3/16" dia. Updated catalogues are mailed our every few months including new or recently added items and sale pricing from time to time. - This is a good source for more unusual items including small fasteners, specialty tools, materials, etc. Their catalogue is a useful resource to have on hand as well.  They do cater to smaller quantities but pricier than most on the more standard items.


Raw Materials & Fasteners - You can print their catalogue from the website which covers most fastener needs for the small scale modeler from wood screws to machine screws, in various types (round head, hex head, pan head, socket head and more) and materials (brass, steel, stainless). You may have to buy 50 or 100 pieces but even so pricing is very competitive with hobby type stores which sell smaller pre-packaged quantities, especially in sizes ranging from 0-80 up to 5-40.

Ordering metal from online sources may be necessary at times. Here are a few to check out and compare. Most cater to small volume users but it still helps to compare pricing, cutting fees (if any), and their location relative to you since shipping charges can add up quickly if your order much or include larger diameter sizes.,,


Casting Kits & Plan Resources - When you are ready to move from bar stock projects to casting kits, PM Research is a good place to start. They carry a nice line of small scale engine casting kits in aluminum, bronze, and in some cases cast iron. They also have a line of miniature working machine tools. Casting quality is top rate, as is their attention to completeness including bar stock, fasteners, drawings, etc. Pricing is among the most competitive for casting kits, and I have found their customer service to be excellent.  They have an online catalogue showing the various kits and accessories, but even with the small charge for the printed catalogue, it is well worth it if only for the tables and other useful information contained within its pages. - Jerry Howell  offers an extensive line of plan sets for sterling cycle, atmospheric, and internal combustion engines. He also has other project plans like mini and micro-drill presses and a propane burner and regulator. Jerry's plans are top quality and I have enjoyed building several of his sterling designs myself. His innovation and attention to design have been an inspiration to many... myself included.


Publications - Publisher of "The Home Shop Machinist," " Live Steam and Garden Railroading," and "Machinist's Workshop." Their home page contains links to each publication as well as to their library of available projects in book form.


Online Discussion Groups - Discussion group for owners/users of Sherline lathes and mills. This is an active group with a wealth of information available from a large membership base. - Similar to the above group but with emphasis on Taig machine tools. - Dedicated to engines of all types made without castings. - A discussion group for all types of scale model engine - This is an excellent group for machinists of all skill levels. Lots of pictures and videos and ideas for home shop projects. The membership is friendly and more than willing to offer advice to newcomers to the hobby. One of the best groups I have found!!

Note: The normal disclaimer applies to these links.  I have no affiliation whatsoever with any of the above companies other than that I have done business with most if not all of them at one time or another.  If you have any suggested links you would like added to the above lists, please let me know via e-mail so that they can be reviewed for inclusion in the appropriate section.