Hand Tapping Tool


This simple but useful shop tool keeps small taps perpendicular to the hole being tapped resulting in better threads and less tap breakage. The base and column are steel for weight and rigidity. The adjustable support arm is aluminum bar. Readily available components like 3/8" drill rod for the spindle and a 3/8" drill bushing fitted into the support arm assure a perfect fit and long wearing guide for the spindle. Similarly, a Starrett T-handle tap wrench is attached to bottom of the spindle by means of a steel collar. The brass handwheel just above the collar provides enough leverage for taps up to 5-40 while preserving the sensitivity needed to tap even 0-80 sized threads. The drill bushing is secured in the support with a low cost stainless steel thumb screw. A second thumb screw is used to adjust the height of the support arm on the column, though these can be made rather than purchased if desired.

While the design is intended for taps in the 0-80 to 5-40 range typically used in small engine projects, a larger tap wrench can be fitted by simply making a secondary larger collar. .

The plan set consists of 5 pages of drawings and 1 pages of construction notes for $6.00 (US postage paid). Please see the general info. page and order page for more detailed information on plan sets. Sources and part numbers for all of the purchased components are listed in the construction notes.


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