The Benchtop Grinder/Buffer has a small footprint (base size is 5" x 6") and utilizes a commercially available universal AC/DC motor with variable speed control and separate "on/off" switch.  To simplify the project, both the buffing wheel mandrel, and the grinding wheel mandrel as well as the motor and speed control were purchased from outside sources. 

Machined components include the solid aluminum base, adjustable tool rest, miter gauge, and grinding wheel guard shown in the photo (above left). One of the goals was to make changing back and forth between grinding and buffing configurations as simple and quick as possible, and to come up with a unit that doesn't take up a lot of tabletop space, and can even be put away when not needed.

While the tool rest (and its support legs), miter gauge, and guard support are small enough for benchtop machining, the base does require a full size mill and machining of the UHMW polyethylene guard requires a lathe with 6" swing or greater.

The intent was not to come up with a "heavy duty" grinder or buffer, but one more suitable for touching up the edges of lathe tool bits and polishing small scale engine parts to a mirror like finish.

At this time the prototype is completed and the drawings/ construction notes are nearly finished. Hopefully the plan set will be available by  May 2007, so check back for further information on this coming project.

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